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Saltspring Love Haze - 2g

by Saltspring Magic
Out of stock
Product Details
Brand: Saltspring Magic
dried cannabis equivalency: 2

Saltspring Love Haze, the heartthrob of the cannabis world, is like the George Clooney of strains. This cherished Super Lemon Haze cut will have you swooning in no time. Picture yourself in the heart of a Pacific Northwest rainforest, surrounded by ancient trees, and then take a hit. The aroma? It’s a tropical fruit fiesta, a creme-filled pastry carnival, and a whispering springtime forest symphony all rolled into one. This strain’s potency is strong enough to make a grizzly bear blush. With Terpinolene, Ocimene, and Caryophyllene as the main terpene maestros, it’s like your taste buds just won the lottery and are dancing to a rainforest rhythm. Saltspring Love Haze will sweep you off your feet faster than a rainstorm during an outdoor wedding.

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