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Kush Cookies (Garlic Z) - 3.5g

By 3Saints
Out of stock
Product Details
dried cannabis equivalency: 3.5

THC: 23 – 30%

Dominant Terpenes:

Highly aromatic notes of savoury herbs & spicy earth, with undertones of citrus & musk. You’ll whisper its name in reverential tones after this bud passes your lips- “Kush Cookies.” Potent, terpene rich, dense & sticky buds. A rare lineage of GMO Cookies X OZ Kush. Grown righteously in the sun, rain watered, hand harvested, hang dried & expertly cured. What’s not to revere? Whisper the name again “Kush Cookies.” Hail Mary Jane.

Dried Cannabis Equivalency: 3.5g

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