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Cookie God - 3.5g

by Good Buds
In stock
Product Details
Brand: Good Buds
dried cannabis equivalency: 3.5

THC: 25 - 31%

Dominant Terpenes:

Cookie God boasts a mouthwatering peanut butter cookie flavour, combined with a sweet tropical fruitiness. It's a house-bred cross of the popular Cookies cultivar Do-si-dos, with GOOD BUDS' unique "Salty God" - their unique cut of the BC Legacy cultivar God. Grown indoors in small batches, Cookie God thrives in a nurturing environment, with each batch hand harvested, hang dried, and slow cured using artisanal methods to ensure top quality. Grown and processed exclusively in living organic soils on their FVOPA-Certified Organic Salt Spring Island, BC family farm. Top terpenes include Caryophyllene, Bisabolol, and Myrcene.

Dried Cannabis Equivalency: 3.5g

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