PHS - Serving the Downtown East Side


(PHS) is an indispensable organization that creates housing opportunities for individuals who are poorly served elsewhere due to their physical health, mental health, behavioral issues, substance dependencies, forensic history, or homeless status.

PHS has spent decades advocating for & working to provide housing and support to marginalized members of the Downtown Eastside community. It was founded in 1991 on the premise that every life has value; and that regardless of background, socio-economic condition, physical or mental health, everyone has a right to housing & social support.

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All proceeds from Evergreen’s branded merchandise directly support PHS.

To date, you’ve raised over $40,000!

Our current selection of items include our all-bamboo rolling trays & grinders, standard & electric lighters, tote bags & ashtrays, as well as glass bongs & 510-threaded vape batteries. You decide how much you want to donate, and we reward you with your item(s) of choice! Your help is valuable & very much appreciated.

We benefit from working in an industry with a deep-rooted history of drug-related stigma & disproportionately racialized incarceration. We believe it is our responsibility to pay that forward. Particularly in Vancouver, where we are experiencing an unprecedented crisis of unchecked homelessness & opioid addiction, we want to make sure we serve the communities who need the kind of support that PHS provides.

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